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-Fun Facts-
My history on DA is like a BLANK, I just made an account to ask an artist if I could post that artist's art since Plagiarism/ Credits/ Cyber Crime are highly volatile. Then, after creating it (This account), I guess I didn't comment so I didn't post it. If I recall , I got a blind spot if where was the comment box XP, then nothing happened on this account. "AJM" for my initials, "FairyTail" obviously, aha, and started when I saw my 2 siblings laughing and having fun at the living area (Watching FT - Tenrou Arc) while , I'm all out being diligent reading my textbook alone! So I got my interest and started to watch it from its first episode, I'm not that anime fan yet, it's just so happen that I bloom around 2012. I just started to run a good FT group on FB. I just know how to use PAINT as in Paint in our computer software not the Paint tool sai ..  I'm making games for the group, but then my sis always get annoyed why I'm using it, she told me to use Photoshop for simplier stuffs (I didn't gave her much attention :v ) After sometime, I got a new admin position on a FT FB page (still a co-admin) , one of the contribution that I show during my interview - digital coloring (But I made it in 1 layer - see, I'm really grrrrr, my brother even helps me using Photoshop that time, just by instinct). (Yeah, around 2012,2013, admins on FB are really strict in terms of admin hiring , also the reason of hacks). But, I'm really an active fan on that page ,practically they hire me for their trust. And yeah, that time, summer's coming and I told myself I want to learn how to color in computer etc, I don't know that it's digital art back then. So, I try to google, etc and good thing there is youtube. I already have this account, but I don't even think I will use this for my arts. Then, I saw a vid tutorial of InfamousStuff, like how he did the brushing, so I try also etc, then at the last portion, I saw his DA link. That's when I remember that I have an account so I accessed it again. Then wow, I saw DEOHVI and i-azu , really awesome. I would also want to thank the tutorial of NJung which helps me to know the basics. The rest is history, I'm just happy to tell you about this. And about creating a FB page for anime arts only cause, in some of the pages that I admin before, they don't want you to credit or tag other pages/link , so if I make a Page, I want that artists will be able to post their arts, not requiring them to be a regular admin that ordering them to post 12 pics a day etc. It's like a self-support page, your not just helping yourself but others as well. Then, I also made another Page just for general posts, for my anime quotes, manga/anime updates and for others who love anime and want to show their passion. (You are free to comment your Fun Facts too)

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-Exciting Part-
OH, ano? Akala niyo di ko ito totohanan ah... Aha, sensya na ^^"

Hey Hey!! The Following words are base from my POV , you cAN say it's a compliment or critique.  :)
New set of members, suuuuuper Fresh (Franky)!! I put Gray-Dous since he is the first member before others except from the 4 above. (Smirks* Gomen ne, Zain, it took for a while for you aha. But you deserve it). Then EternaJehuty, he is very talented with arts but look at him he still follow our rules and make an art for this. (I salute you bro!). Futuretabs and takkya also obedient ^^ The way they pass is like a big commission (Also the rest here). Then SegmaKun , my good business partner back then XP. This person Lord-Nadjib , a pretty good chatmate once in a while XP aha ^^. IFrAgMenTIx , another boss in arts XP, can't throw.gaston18 , silent killer, a great artist^^". Hola! Zeroshinigamidark, you know , I think he is one of the kindest artist here cause he is like a bridge. Some of our members are from his friends and he help them to enter the page.
:devgray-dous again, JoeZart63 , and NuclearAgent , they have their personal issues and even chat me with IF's and Con's , Cause and Effect , but yeah, they still did their part. Thanks a lot :) My all time good friends like strabixio, JoeZart63, I-DEVOS, KhalilXPirates, and Magooode (Are we mutual?) Then, D-Dynamic,nikocopado, ANDERSON93, Ota-kun, TofiqHuseynov and Facu10Mag they are very supportive. AND THANKS A LOT EVERYONE , I can't mentioned all :3 (Sorry, we left out some of your favorite artists, we didn't mean to, we just follow the formats of it - PTX ~~ Ringing in my mind)

And should I still mention my 3 partners? Read for your risk XP hamzabgt3 A good friend, he won't judge you or what and even you are still a beginner during my time, he is very supportive , he comments on my every art etc. Right now , he is very busy, cause he will be a future Architect XP (Sorry, bro, I'm giving a few of your privacy). Always chat me, helps me too, like I've known him like a childhood friend..ah don't cry bro. i-azu the very famous, but you know, when I'm idiot about coloring, and when she reply whenever we comment on her arts, that's like, "Wow, she is very humble" yet during that time, I don't know that she is that famous cause I'm just roaming around and I didn't that much notice her arts featured on manga back then, but now, it's like I memorize her arts even its far or zoom in. I know it's hers , also the same with DEOHVI I know it's his. She inspires me to color from her previews, awesome secret PSD she gave me, teach me to do linearts etc.  LASTLY , DEOHVI my inspiration, my sensei and a lot more... somehow a person I want to love XP. He is very kind and generous to help artists start from scratch to something awesome. I remember when I'm starting and ask how's my art, then he taught me the proper way of shading aha, also give me how he use his lineart settings etc. He is a person I would consider very genuine, how he acts in social media and perhaps in real life when he chats with me. I respect him and also his family ... my future in-laws! (Just kidding XP).

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Wow, you've come this far, thanks for reading. Thanks a lot for the good memories with you guys even if others aren't with us now... I hope they will be hyped again to color manga/anime. Don't worry, probably this will be the last time I will ask for an art submission for our annual anniversary. Next year, it's your free will... but be active and don't be rude to unfriend me on FB cause there will be a backfire. Hiring members - CLOSED for a while now. A lot of Deviants asked to join but I'm practicing my "Seen-zoned" skill , no hard feelings. Before, I formally rejected them by replying respectfully but having a bad experience from an applicant changed my hiring system. I don't care if they are mad or talks bad behind me but that's the reason why they are behind. I don't care, cause I know myself. I have my friends here who loved me. If we will open it, they will have to submit an art but there will be a lineart coming from us, either random, or I'll just choose. We will open it every month of April and October only. If you will notice it's semi-annual since April is when our DA group created, then October you know it already. A year less with you is so awesome, social media is fun when you have good friends and also a place to call home like Anime Legacy.

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Guys, you are Free to Featured your Journal Post here Official-AnimeLegacy for as long as it's related in Anime/Manga/Contest/UPDATES/ETC. If you aren't sure, note me.

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